Tong Young fish

Today you will know how to rake Young fish again. So long not to implement all of the following:

+ Ingredients
– Treirsa 1 kilometer bike
– Note lemongrass 2 Double Oblique Hans
– Krauchsaech 4 leaf sheets
– Marathon Yangon 1 package
– Peppers, fresh fruit, 5 goals
– 1 tablespoons fish sauce
½ teaspoon salt
– Half a teaspoon of sugar
– A little seasoning
– Coffee wing half msaowsaoub

+ How to do:
1. First planted water boiled first.
2. After splitting water and is rooted lemongrass, citrus leaves laughing, Tong Young, msaowsaoub, fish sauce, salt, sugar, seasoning, peppers and fish (fresh fish fried or cooked also liked).
3. Then boiled again Isaac tasted almost like a ready.




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