Mobile phones can damage sperm of man

Mobile phones can damage sperm of man

Putting a mobile phone in a trouser pocket may be able to make it faster when they call, but a new study suggest that routine This may provide some health effects, particularly want to be a father.

The new study, published in the Environmental International media, said the man who put a mobile phone in a trouser pocket might be damaging their sperm, which so that decreases the ability of their children.

To discover this, researchers from the University of Exeter has reiterated the 19 studies that involved 1,492 men who they provide their sperm. The quality of sperm were based on three different characteristics: the possibility of living life movement and its concentration semen.

The researchers found that men who are under the control of sperm 50 to 80 percent of normal movement. However, this average will decline 8 percent for men who put a mobile phone in a trouser pocket. The life of sperm decrease in the same way, but also affect sperm concentration is not clear yet.

According to previous studies the leading cause of cell phones affect sperm is due to be darkened, and the Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation from mobile phones. Due to the use of mobile phones is wide in the world, the researchers hope their work will lead to more health experts note about this relationship when next.

The study confirmed that exposure to mobile phone radiation above pants pocket will cause a negative effect to the quality sperm. This may be more important for a man that he was in a line close to no longer have the ability to have children.


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