Just fruit can lose weight?

What fruits can make you imagine 7 grams in a week? What should I do and how should eat in order to lose it? Here we’ll tell you about some ways to practice. What?
1. You can eat an egg with grapefruit:
• Breakfast eaten eggs meansngaor 2 a grapefruit and a cup of black coffee.
• meansngaor 2 eggs and tomatoes, after the meal, you can drink coffee or black tea.
• 2nd dinner eat egg a bowl of salad and a grapefruit.
2. You can also take a banana to wheat growers with drink and food to eat, but do not forget to eat an egg .
3. You can eat tomatoes after dinner because it is also an aid to weight loss.
4. In the morning, you can drink a glass of salt water after waking up, then one can eat apples along with an egg and not have to eat too. And even more, do not have to eat foods that are too fat. Dinner, you can eat the vegetables and apples, along with cabbage soup.


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