Fries Noodle with seafood

Today wedding fried seafood with noodles . So do not waste time to implement all of the following:

+ Ingredients
– 100 g shrimp vessels back out
– 100 g squid Hans ass
– 1 egg
– Double Oblique cauliflower 20 grams Hans Consensus hot water
– Double Oblique phsaetchambaeng 20 grams Hans
– Carrots 1 small fruit chunks by Internet
– Double Oblique cauliflower 20 grams Hans Consensus hot water
– Bantaulpot 2 Consensus cans of hot water
– Canned mushrooms, 20 grams
– Hebei Baoding 1 kitchen spoon
– Half tablespoons soy sauce
3 cloves garlic, minced
– Soup and a half distinction
– Half a coffee spoon pepper
– Msaowchhea 1 spoon rice
– 100 g vessels
– Ddeokboggi sauce bottle

+ How to do:
1. First pour oil into the hot pan percussion scored channel then boiled with water channel Hebei Baoding already withered struggling to put in a bowl.
2. Place the oil in a pan to warm garlic shrimp fry aroma and slightly fried squid remember Khat, phsaetchambaeng, carrots, cauliflower, corn wells cans and canned mushrooms all channels.
3. Then combined into Hebei Baoding water, soy sauce, soup and pepper and fry into this powder channel to channel a little while and then take it put on a missile or a channel back.



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