Eating whole grains will lead to long life

Eating whole grains will lead to long life

According to the study, according to the detailed FAQ about the diet, which affect the health of women as well as to have a long life 76,000 women and 42,000 men, which was compiled over three decades show that:

For questions on the use of grain caused the participants were asked how often they ate grain around 28 grams by the way: once a week or 2 to 3 times a day. After analyzing the data, the 30-year period as a result, with a consumption of 28 grams a day will reduce the risk The deaths of 20%, which resulted from a number of factors, including cancer, heart disease and respiratory.

With such raised the question whether any grain that is most favorable 0x017d7 answers from a survey of the regime grain foods are derived from fruits and nuts such as cashew nuts, fruit fruit Hazelnuts and mete cloth (type fruit in Eastern Europe). On the other hand, reducing the risk for diet, whether you attend regular intake of fruit or peanuts.

What was behind the grain so comfortable?
Grain is a major source of health that does not make you fat and it is also a variety of dietary fiber help promote longevity. In addition, it contains proteins, vitamins and minerals in addition to other substances, including anti-oxidant, so the Among these substances are linked to a few pathogens.

Grain is the same diet is important to a variety of proteins typical meat and beans.






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