Raw squid and vegetables

Today marriage is going to show how to eat squid. So let’s look at how to combine and how to do the following:

+ Ingredients
– Squid cooked 300 grams consensus Hans
– Borrow 1 piece ginger Hans vessels
– Early morning 3-4 wheel Shuffle
– Bell pepper 1 side Hans vessels
– 1 onion side Hans vessels
– Chikrobmoukh liked
3 garlic shrimp and peppers prefer collided into each other
– 1 ½ tablespoons fish sauce
– Half a teaspoon of sugar
– Lemon 2 tablespoons
– A little seasoning

+How to do:
Council consensus first and then mixed with ginger, morning glory, peppers, onions, garlic with peppers hit, fish sauce, sugar, lemon and seasoning, and mixed live tasted like a ready.



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